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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


Warm-Up: 3:00-10:00

2 Sets, For Quality

200m Run

6/6 Single Arm Ring Rows

12/12 second Single Arm Plank

:24 Second Glute Bridge March

:36 Second Bike

Gymnastics Skill Work

Gymnastics Progression


Spend time going over progressions

Bar Pull-Over

Teaching the Bar Pull-Over

Bar Pull-Over Progressions

*Favorite Progression

Low Bar Kicking Pull-Over (1:30 in Video)

Modified Ice Cream Makers (2:35 in Video)

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Sets X 9:00 AMRAP

(For MAX Reps)

400 Run

8 Bar Pull-Overs

400 Run

15/11 Calorie Echo Bike

400 Run

-Max Renegade Rows in the Remaining Time

1:00 rest between AMRAPs

Load : 50/35lb

Time Cap: 30:00

Primary Objective : Have 1:00 minute on each set to work on Renegade Rows

Secondary Objective : Complete the Bar Pull-Overs in 90 seconds or less

Stimulus : Lactate Threshold / Upper Body Pulling Endurance

Intent of the workout today is meant to be on the conditioning work with a little added skill work in there to keep the heart rate under control and add in some fun variants for you. Keep a steady pace and work to maintain the same pace from set 1 to 3.


10 Banded Strict Pull ups

400m, 300m, 200m Run

Load: 25/15lb


12 Strict Pull Ups

Load: 35/25lb


As Written


As Written + 20/14 lb Vest


Recovery / Mobility

1:00/1:00 minute Couch Stretch

1:00/1:00 minute Extended Arm Lizard Pose

1:00/1:00 minute Frog Pose

1:00 /1:00 minute Crossbody Lat Stretch

Optional Accessories

Part A)

Performance/ Elite:

5 Sets, For Load + Max Reps

3-5 Weighted Strict Pull-Ups

Rest 30 seconds

-Max Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups @ 20×1 Tempo

Rest 2:00 minutes


5 Sets, For Quality

3 Eccentric Pull-Ups (5 second negative)

Rest 30 seconds

Max Unbroken Ring Rows @ Parallel

Rest 2:00 minutes


5 Sets, For Quality

Max Chin Over Bar Hold

Rest 30 seconds

10-12 Ring Rows @ 45 Degree Angle

Rest 2:00 minutes

Part B)

4 Sets

10 Dumbbell Preacher Curls

15 Bent Over Reverse Flys


10:00 minutes Easy @ 5-6 RPE


3 Sets

6:00 minutes @ 8 RPE

1:00 minute Easy 5-6 RPE


5 minutes Easy @ 5-6 RPE

Stimulus: Tempo / High End Aerobic

RPE: 7/10

This will feel like a 7/10 on the RPE scale as we have some work built in here at an easy pace, while building into 3 sets of 6:00 minutes at tempo effort. We will be building into longer tempo / threshold efforts here in the weeks to come to target our high end aerobic development.


Clean and Jerk Complex

Part A.

Every 75 seconds, 4 Sets, Complete the following:

3 Deadlifts

1 Hang (Squat) Clean

1 Push Press

1 Split Jerk

Begin at 40% of your 1rm and each new set add weight. Goal to finish at a moderate load that provides you feedback on form and allows you to move relatively fast.

Once you complete Part A, please move on to Part B:

Part B.

Clean and Jerk

5 Sets:

2 Cleans + 1 Split Jerk

Rest as needed between sets

Starting @ 77-80% of your 1rm Clean and Jerk. Goal: Finish at a heavy successful max for the day.

The Cleans to be performed touch and go.