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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


10:00 minute Cap

2 Sets, For Quality

1:00 minute Cardio Choice (Ski or Row Prefered)

5 Inchworm Push-Ups

5/5 Half Kneeling Bottoms Up Single Arm Kettlebell Strict Press , light

25/25ft Dual Kettlebell Bottoms Up Waiters Walk , light

:10 second Ring Support Hold + :10 second bottom of Dip Hold

Bench Press

Every 2:30 x 5 Sets

3 reps

Starting @ 75% of your 1rm Bench Press and increasing the load each set aiming to establish a heavy triple for the day. A goal percentage would be to finish on 85% of your 1rm Bench Press.

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

Focus about engaging your mid back and lats as be bring the barbell down to the chest to provide a strong base of support to then press the barbel back up with a firm punch to extension.

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Time

10 Power Snatch 95/65lb

5 Wall Walks

15/10 Strict Ring Dips

*Rest 1:00 between sets

Goal : 2:00 minutes/round

Sub 11:00 Total Time

Time Cap : 15:00

Primary Objective : Consistent pacing across all sets. Fatigue will build and the Wall Walks will get more and more challenging on each round as the arms get fatigued and heart rate elevates.

Secondary Objective : Unbroken Power Snatch Reps

Stimulus : Upper Body Interference / Shoulder Burn

4 Rounds for Time

10 Hang Power Snatch 45/35lb,

3 Scaled Wall Walks

10/7 Ring Push-Ups

Rest 1:00 minute between sets


4 Rounds for Time

10 Power Snatch 75/55lb

3 Wall Walks

10/7 Ring Dips

Rest 1:00 minute between sets

Performance :

As Written

Elite :

4 Rounds for Time

10 Power Snatch 115/75lb

5 Wall Walks

15/10 Strict Ring Dips

Rest 1:00 minute between sets


10/10 Side Lying Thoracic Rotatio n

10 Thoracic Extension with Foam Roller

1:00/1:00 Scorpion Stretc h

:30/:30 Thread the Needle Stretc h

Optional Accessories

4 Rounds, For Quality:

6/6 Bird-Dog Rows

6/6 Single Arm Dumbbell Bench with Iso Extension Hold

20 Pike Shoulder Taps

Rest: 2 minutes between sets

Today we want to incorporate concentric, static and mobility exercises. A full range of movement in your shoulders, along with strengthening. If you can achieve more stable positions, you will be more efficient in your workouts. Not to mention, this joint deserves to be cared for and strengthened in all its angles.


2 Sets:

400m @ 5k Pace

200m @ Mile Pace Surge

200m Recovery Walk / Jog

300m @ 5k Pace

100m @ Fast Finish

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets

Rest 4:00 minutes

4 Sets:

600m Ruck Run @ 8 RPE

200m Ruck Walk


Load: 30/20lb

Rest 4:00 minutes

6 Sets:

100m @ Mile Pace

100m Recovery Jog

100m @ Mile Pace

Rest 1:00 minute (walking rest)

Our last 6 sets of the day are done as a continous 300m with the focus on hitting 12x100m @ mile race pace to finish off the workout. This will develop a better finishing kick with increased turnover and help with speed development for your running

Primary Objective: Switching gears while running / Developing smooth running cadence and mechanics at different speeds

Secondary Objective: Keep the 200m Ruck Walk as a true power walk in order to keep up overall pace on this segment

Stimulus: Lactate Threshold / Leg Stamina / Speed Development


Snatch Complex

Part A:

4-5 Sets:

1 High Hang Muscle Snatch (hip pocket)

2 Snatch Balance

3 Overhead Squats

Rest: 1:00 minute between sets

Starting @ 35-40% of your 1rm Snatch and each round increase load, goal to finish around 55-60% of your 1rm Snatch

High Hang Snatch: Main purpose is for Power Development. You are required to be explosive by generating power from the hips. As you need to generate a strong upward force to propel the barbell from the hang position. This helps improve your power output and ability to generate force quickly.

Once you have completed Part A, please move on to Part B:

Part B:

Snatch (waves)

3 Sets:

3 Snatches @ 75%

2 Snatches @ 85%

1 Snatch @ 85%+

Rest 30 seconds between intervals

Rest as needed between sets

This is not touch and go.

Only on the single rep(s) do we want you to try a heavier load.

Format: Perform 3 snatches at 75%, load bar to 85%, perform 2 snatches, load bar to 85%+, perform 1 snatch, and rest as needed before repeating a total of 3 times.


For Quality:

7 Rope Climbs, 15ft

7 Burpee Box Get Overs, 48/44”

5 Rope Climbs, 15ft

7 Burpee Box Get Overs, 48/44”

3 Rope Climbs, 15ft

7 Burpee Box Get Overs, 48/44”

Time Cap: 12 minutes

Primary Objective: Rope Climbs, allow your attention to work on completing each set as fast or as efficient as possible.

Secondary Objective: If you are great at rope climbs, we want to see the best possible time for this piece.