Monday “Hybrid Cycle” (Week 7)

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


(8:00 minute Cap)

2 Sets, For Quality:

:30 second Jump Rope Practice

10 Barbell Cossack Squats, 45/35lb (20/15kg)

10 Sumo Stance Barbell Good Mornings, 45/35lb (20/15kg)

10 Hanging Strict Knee Raises

:25/25 Second Banded Front Rack Stretch

Front Squat

Every 3:00 x 4 Sets

Set 1: 8 Reps @ 70%

Set 2: 8 Reps @ 70%

Set 3: 6 Reps @ 80%

Set 4: 6 Reps @ 83%+

Extra Instructions:

Aim to challenge yourself on the final set of 6 reps today.

This is our final week before retesting your 10rm Front Squat next week so give yourself a chance at a new 6rm Personal Best.

Metcon (Time)


Toes To Bar

Dumbbell Front Squats @ 50/35 lb

*Begin each round with 50 DU

Time Cap : 15 minutes

Goal : Sub 11 minutes

Primary Objective : Best possible time, create a plan to see you achieve best time.

Secondary Objective : Fast transition to the rope and perform double unders immediately.

Extra Instructions

This is a retest from the previous season, Tia-Clair performed this workout three weeks prior to the semifinals and achieved a time of sub 7 minutes with the Rep Scheme 30-25-20-15. Now we share this because the notes that we have on her splits between rope transitions indicate the main area of improvement, Tia notes that transitions can be faster to the rope, as she felt that didn’t impact her toes to bar strategy.


Knee to Elbows

DB Load: 35/25 lb

*Begin each round with 100 Single Unders



Knee to Elbows

DB Load: 50/35 lb

*Begin each round with 35 Double Unders


As Written



Toes To Bar

Dumbbell Front Squats @ 50/35 lb

*Begin each round with 50 Double Unders


1:00 Elevated Prayer Stretch

1:00/1:00 Elevated Pigeon Stretch

1:00 Seated Chest Stretch

1:00/1:00 Crossbody Lat Stretch

Optional Accessories

3 Sets, For Quality

10 Glute Ham Raises

15/15 Banded Terminal Knee Extensions

10 Seated Barbell Good Mornings


Clean and Jerk Complex

Part A.

Every 90 seconds, 6 Sets, Complete the following:

1 *Muscle Clean

1 Front Squat

2 Split Jerk

*Muscle Clean: Perform 2-3 second slow/controlled pull to just above knee then perform a “hang muscle clean”

Starting @ 30-40% of your 1rm Clean and Jerk and increasing the load slightly each set

Once you have completed Part A, please move on to Part B:

Part B.

Every 3:00 minutes, 6 Sets, Complete the following:

1 Clean

Rest 20 seconds

1 Clean and Jerk

Starting @ 80% of your 1rm Clean and Jerk and increasing the load each set

Primary Objective : Aim to finish @90% of your 1rm Clean and Jerk

Secondary Objective : No misses

Part A : Focus on correct position and control the movement with leg drive from the floor and turning the elbows over fast through both the Muscle Clean. Moving from Part A to Part B the focus point is the final Clean and Jerk.


Part A:

For Time:

Level 3: 50 Strict Handstand Push Ups

Level 2.5: 20 Strict Handstand Push Ups + 30 Kipping Handstand Push Ups

Level 2: 50 Kipping Handstand Push Ups

Level 1: Perform 10 Wall Walks (to challenging height) + 10 Assisted Handstand Push Ups with a depth finder + 30 Push Ups

To help select the level appropriate for you, the goal is to achieve a time of sub 7:00 minute, you would need to average 7.5 reps per minute

Once you have completed Part A, please move on to Part B:

Part B:

Every 2:00 minutes, 4 Sets, Complete the Following:

15 Kipping Handstand Push Ups

10 Stricit Toes to Bar

5 Strict Pull Ups

*Perform Handstand Push Ups as per the open standard

Rowing Conditioning

Complete the following:

4-5 Sets:

(3 x 500m)

Rest 1:00 minute between intervals

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets (This is just one additional minute of rest)


Set 1: 2k + 5-7 sec/500m

Set 2: 2k + 3-5 sec/500m

Set 3: 2k+ 1-3 sec/500m

Set 4: 2k Pace

*Set 5: Sub 2k Pace

The goal is to maintain the same pace across all 3 x 500m intervals for each set, with the focus of increasing paces from set to set. Sets 1 and 2 should feel like 6/10, while sets 3-5 should build intensity and fatigue as we hit challenging paces on the final 9x500m (3 Sets x 3x500m)

Primary Objective: Maintain prescribed paces

Secondary Objective: Maintain stroke rate of 26-31 spm

Stimulus: Lactate Threshold

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