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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Sunday Funday!


Don’t forget!! BRING A FRIEND WEEK is 11 September 2023!!! Please use the sign-up sheet located on the front desk to list all of your friends who are joining us. There is also a QR code you can use to have your friends complete the waiver prior to coming to class. Anyone who joins gets both you AND your friend a referral credit of 40% off one month membership!

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


3 Sets, For Quality

100/100ft (30/30m) Single Arm Overhead Carry

:15/:15 second Single Arm Ring Row Hold at Chest

2 Wall Walks

10 Wall Facing Shoulder Taps

*For higher level athletes, put in freestanding plate taps

Strength/ Gymnastics

12:00 Running Clock

3 Sets, For Quality

4/4 Turkish Get-Ups, For Load

50-100ft Handstand Walk

3-5 Rope Climbs

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

*On the Handstand Walk and Rope Climbs we are looking for efficiency and quality with these movements over anything else. The goal is to find a stimulus that allows for clean effective movement, not where you are fighting to get it done.

Handstand Walk Skills and Drills

Rope Climb Skill Work

Metcon (Checkmark)

20 minutes EMOM, alternate each minute:

Minute 1: 14/11 Cal Row

Minute 2: 14/10 Cal Ski or Echo

Minute 3: Rest

Minute 4: 16/12 Cal Row

Minute 5: 16/11 Cal Ski or Echo

Minute 6: Rest

Minute 7: 18/13 Cal Row

Minute 8: 18/12 Cal Ski or Echo

Minute 9-10: Rest

(Back to Minute 1)
Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

Stimulus: Machine Conditioning / Aerobic Capacity Lactate Threshold / V02 Max

RPE: 8/10

Primary Objective: Complete each set of calories in 50 seconds or less

Secondary Objective: Complete the 20 minute EMOM as prescribed

The focus today is increasing intensity from minute 1 through minute 8 of each set. This workout will really only be 18 minutes long, but might take the full 20 minutes as you are likely to start on a delay due to machine constraints.


Recovery / Mobility Protocol

1:00 minute Seated Chest Stretch

2:00 minute Saddle Pose

1:00 minute Seated Forward Fold

1:00 / 1:00 minute Couch Stretch

Optional Accessories

4 Sets, For Quality

10 Weighted Maltese Raises

10 Weighted Victorian Raises