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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Sunday Funday!

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


12:00 minutes

2 Sets, For Quality:

10 PVC Passthroughs

5/5 PVC Around the Worlds

5 Controlled Overhead Squats (Empty Barbell or PVC Pipe)

10 Hollow Rocks

:15/15 Second Single Arm Ring Plank Hold + 10 Ring Push-Ups

15 Banded Face Pulls, Light Resistance Band

5/5 Single Leg Box Jumps @ Safe Height

Weightlifting (No Measure)

10:00 EMOM

Snatch Balance

start @ 70% of Snatch and Build to a Heavy for the Day
Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

Focus to punch fast and elevate the shoulder blades today in the catch position. As we stand out of the overhead squat, brace the core and imagine someone just punched you in the gut as we push out of the hole. This will help keep tension throughout the lift and minimize any misses forward.

Metcon (Checkmark)

5 Rounds, For Time:

10 Strict Handstand push up

18 Ghd Sit-Ups or Medball Weighted Sit-Ups (20/14lb)
Extra Instructions

Time Domain : 7:00-11:00 minutes

Time Cap : 15 minutes

This piece will allow you the time to test your speed on the ghd. Allow time to set up your ghd correctly. Follow the Open standard for the handstand push ups.

Primary Objective: Unbroken Ghd Sit Ups

Secondary Objective: Complete each station on the minute

Stimulus: Upper Body Stamina / Core


1-2 Sets

Right Leg/Left Leg

:30 Down Dog

:15 Updog

:30 Down Dog

:3 0 Low Dragon Po se

:30 Twisted Drag on Pose

:30 Pigeon Pose

:30 Half Kneeling Hamstri ng Stretch

Optional Accessories , repeat from last week (same weights or heavier and work on positions and smooth controlled movement)

3-4 Sets: For Quality Pump

15 Dual Dumbbell Hammer Curls

:15 second Weighted Maltese Hold (Ground)

12 Dumbbell Pull-Over (Ground)

12 Dual Dumbbell Skull Crushers (Ground)

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