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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Monday “Deload Week”

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


15:00 minute Cap

3 Sets, For Quality

2:00 Cardio Choice

8 Dual Dumbbell Front Squats , light to moderate load

10/10 Single Leg Dumbbell Glute Bridge

10/10 Bird Dogs w/Pause

:30 second Scapular Pull-Ups

Metcon (Checkmark)

20:00 Alt EMOM

Minute 1 : 5 Tempo Back Squats @ 55-60% of 1rm

Minute 2 : 8/8 Dual Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats, Moderate Load

Minute 3 : Unbroken Set of Strict Pull-Ups

Minute 4 : Rest
Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

For the Tempo Back Squats, we want to strive for a 4 second lower, 1 second pause in the bottom position, Xplode up & a 2 second rest at the top. The priority this week is to reduce the loading, focus on movement mechanics and developing Muscle Mass and endurance over the overall load you’re lifting. As you’re working through this piece keep in mind it will feel fairly relaxed but that is the intention. Enjoy the opportunity of dialing back the load and focusing on good quality reps.

For the Dual Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats we are looking for intent with movement and a quick cadence in order to get done within the time frame. For the strict pull-ups we are looking for a big unbroken set that can be close to repeatable each round. I.e. 10-9-8-7-7. If you can’t get more than 6 unbroken reps, scale to the lightest band that allows for a good unbroken set of move to a toenail spot pull-up.

Primary Objective : Quality movement , holding tempo on the Back Squats

Secondary Objective : Maintain unbroken pull-ups to sets of 8+ reps


1:00 / 1:00 minute Elevated Pigeon Stretch

1:00 minute Seated Chest Stretch

1:00 minute Frog Stretch

1:00 / 1:00 minute Single Leg Forward Fold

Optional Accessories

3 Sets: For Quality

10 GHD Dual Dumbbell Preacher Curl

10/10 Single Leg Barbell Hip Thrust

8/8 Side Plank Banded Row


15 minute EMOM, alternate each minute:

Minute 1: 2-3 Skin the Cats

Minute 2: :15 – :30 second L-Sit

Minute 3: 10-16 Ghd Sit-Up with Med Ball, 14/10 lb, (6/4kg)

Primary Objective: Complete each minute as close to the upper rep range

Secondary Objective: Find a comfortable stretch in the Skin the Cat drill. This dynamic stretching of the shoulders helps to increase the flexibility of the shoulder joint and the surrounding muscles and tendons. Over time, regular practice of the Skin the Cat can lead to improved shoulder mobility, increased range of motion, and better overall shoulder health.

Rowing Conditioning

5 Sets:


Rest 2:00 minutes between sets

Set 1: 750m @ 5k + 3sec/500m + 250m @ 5k Pace

Set 2: 500m @ 5k + 3sec/500m + 500m @ 5k Pace

Set 3: 250m @ 5k + 3sec/500m + 750m @ 5k Pace

Set 4: 1000m @ 5k

Set 5: 1000m @ 5k -1sec/500m

Primary Objective: Descending Splits across all 1000m Intervals

Secondary Objective: Hit prescribed modulating pace work

Stimulus: Lactate Threshold

RPE: 7/10

Remember, 5k+x, means the average split from your 5k plus X seconds. So if it’s +3sec then it’s your 5k average split plus 3 seconds

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