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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


8:00 EMOM

min 1: 40 second Machine Choice

min 2: 12-16 Alternating V-Ups

min 3: 10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridges

min 4: 10 Dead-Bugs


Deadlift (2020 Tempo)

Every 2:00 X 4 Sets

4 Sets x 8 Reps @ 60%+

The prescribed tempo is 2 seconds down, no pause, then 2 seconds to the top, no pause and continue this for the duration of all 8 reps. The goal today is to increase loads from the last time we tackled the Deadlift. We are moving from 10 reps to 8 reps while also reducing the time under tension for each rep. This should help athletes continue the progression and feel even strong through the full range of motion.

Skill Work

10:00 Clock

Toe to Bar Technique

Metcon (Time)

Death By EMOM

(Until failure)

1+1, 2+2, 3+3, etc..

Toe to Bar

Deadlifts 225/155lb, (102/70kg)

Time Cap : 15:00

Primary Objective : Complete 8+ minutes of this workout

Secondary Objective : Complete all sets of Toe to Bar unbroken

Stimulus : Posterior Chain / Midline Stamina

The way this one works is that on minute 1 you will complete 1 Toe to Bar, then 1 Deadlift. On minute 2 you will complete 2 Toe to Bar + 2 Deadlifts, and so on for the remaining time. In order to keep everyone working for the duration of this workout, we want all of our athletes to work on accumulating as much time in a side plank as possible, switching sides after 20 seconds on one side.

Developmental :

Strict Knee Raises

Deadlift @ 40% of 1RM

Fitness :

Alt Single Leg Toe to Bar

185/125lb, (84/57kg)


As Written

Elite :

10 TTB + 10 DL

225/155lb (102/70kg)

*Only choose this option if you think you can make it to the 8:00 Mark


1:00 Elevated Prayer Stretch

1:00/1:00 Elevated Pigeon Stretch

1:00 Seated Chest Stretch

1:00/1:00 Crossbody Lat Stretch

Optional Accessories

12:00 minute EMOM

min 1: 15 Weighted Hip Extensions

min 2: 12 Ring Hamstring Curls

min 3: :15sec GHD Supine Hold


Tempo Bench Press

0:00 to 10:00 minutes, establish:

5-rep max Bench Press

10:00-12:00 minutes:

Rest and prepare for percentage work below

12:00 to 21:00 minutes, complete:

Every 3:00 minutes, 3 Sets, Complete the following:

5 reps

Holding 90% of the 5-rep max you achieved above

During all of these sets today, please maintain a tempo of 2 seconds down, no pause, Xplode up, 1 second rest at the top (20X1)


5 Sets, For Quality:

25ft (7.5m) Handstand Walk

1 Handstand Pirouette

25ft (7.5m) Handstand Walk

1 Handstand Pirouette

Rest 1:00-1:30 minute between sets

Rest as needed, then complete:

5 Sets, For Quality:

25ft (7.5m) Handstand Walk Obstacle (Stairs)

25ft (7.5m) Handstand Walk Obstacle (Ramp)

Rest 1:00-1:30 minute between sets

This is intended to be completed at a sub max effort that allows you to maintain the best quality possible aiming to develop your capacity with this skill. This should feel like a fairly ‘easy’ skill piece, which is mainly to counteract the challenging conditioning workout prior to. If you’re still working on your Handstand Walks you have the freedom during this piece to simply spend time trying to accumulate meters/seconds on your Hands, either practicing walking or practicing progressions up against the wall or even attempting pirouettes and obstacles. Use this opportunity to simply have fun.

Echo Bike Development

2 Rounds

Every 4:00 minutes, 3 Sets:

25 Second Sprint Effort @ 10/10 RPE

Once the final set hits the 4:00 minute mark, complete 6:00 minutes of active spinning on the Bike Erg @ 5 RPE before starting set 2

We are now progressing into some longer sprint style efforts up to 25 second bursts on the 4:00 minute mark. If you do these right, these will build up a lot of lactic burn by the final 25 second sprint effort. The goal during the Bike Erg flush is to move the burn out of the legs and get ready to tackle another set of 3 sprints.

Stimulus: Anaerobic Power / All-Out Sprints

RPE: 9/10

Primary Objective: Achieve maximum number of calories

Secondary Objective: Stay within 2-3 RPM of highest RPM interval, for each set of sprints

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