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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


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“:30 Each side”

World’s Greatest Stretch

Hamstring Roll

Quad Roll

Roll Over to V-Sit

Squat to standing toe touch

Immediately into


8/ 8 Single KB Staggered Stance RD L

10 Goblet Squat

:30 Pause Goblet Squat Ankle Mobility

10 Alt Box Step-Ups

5 Box Jumps

10:00 CAP


Back Squat

Take 10:00

Build to a Heavy 5 rep Back Squat

then complete:

Every 2:30 minutes x3 Sets

5 Back Squats @ 80% +

3 Broad Jumps for Max Distance

Points of Performance:

The goal today is to increase the weight on the bar from the last time we touched the 5RM. The drop sets are meant to be fast reps that are paired with Broad Jumps for max distance in order to really recruit as many type 2a fast twitch fibers as possible.


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

20 Wall Balls

15 Push-Ups

10 Box Jumps (24/20″)

(These are NOT Box Jump Overs)

Time Domain: 6:00-9:00 minutes

Time Cap : 11:00

Stimulus : Sprint / Anaerobic

Primary Objective : Complete the Wall Balls unbroken on each set.

Secondary Objective : Achieve best possible time.
Fitness :

Wall Balls @ 14/10lb

AltBox Step-Ups (24/20’’)

Performance :

Wall Balls @ 20/14lb

Elite :

30 Wall Balls @ 30/20lb

20 Deficit Dumbbell Push-Ups

Box Jumps 30/24”

Extra Work


1:00/1:00 Scorpion Stretch

1:00/1:00 Couch Stretc h

1:00/1:00 Extended Arm Lizard Pos e

1:00/1:00 Single Leg Forward Fol d

1:00 Childs Pose

Optional Accessories

5 Sets, For Quality

10 Dumbbell Bench Press, moderate

15 Barbell Hip Thrus t , moderate

:20/:20 Star Plank


Part A.

Overhead Squat

Every 2:30 x6 sets

Set 1: 4 reps @70%

Set 2 & 3: 3 reps @80%

Set 4: 4 reps @75%

Set 5 & 6: 3 reps @85%

%based off of your 1RM Overhead Squat.

The focus today is the set of 3 reps @80-85%. We want to focus on pressing up into the barbell strong and ensuring we maintain great squat standards. On the sets of 4 reps, use this time to realign your technique as it should feel significantly lighter.

Part B.

Snatch Pull:

4 x 3 @ 95%

Rest as needed between sets

% based on your 1RMSnatch


Mixed Mono Conditioning:

3 Sets:

30/21 Cal Row

100 Single Skips

30/21 Cal Echo

100 Single Skips

30/21 Cal SkiErg

Rest 3:00 between sets


Maintain 100 Calorie paces for the machines. If you don’t know what that pace is, then in your warm up workout what a 100 cal effort is. “Can I hold this pace for 100 calories?”

Score : Fastest completed sets

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