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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach



Don’t forget!! BRING A FRIEND WEEK is 11 September 2023!!! Please use the sign-up sheet located on the front desk to list all of your friends who are joining us. There is also a QR code you can use to have your friends complete the waiver prior to coming to class. Anyone who joins gets both you AND your friend a referral credit of 40% off one month membership!

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


8:00 minutes

2 Sets, For Quality

1:00 minute Machine Choice

5/5 Worlds Greatest Stretch

10 Squat Y’s, Light Load

7 Tall Muscle Snatch

8 Snatch Grip Push Press

Barbell Primer

8:00 minutes

3 Sets @ Empty Barbell

Hang Power Snatch

Snatch Balance

Low Hang Squat Snatch


3 Sets

High Hang Squat Snatch

Hang Squat Snatch

Squat Snatch

Increasing loads to working weight

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

We want to touch on quick turnover and snappy feet into the catch with this primer. The first part will work with an empty barbell with the focus on speed and being “punchy”. We will then load some weight on the bar and work into more technical capacity with a similar complex to the actual complex of the day. This one will start higher in the hip with the focus on a vertical dip and drive from the hip and keeping the bar close into the squat.


3 Position Snatch

*Mid-Thigh, Low Hang, Floor

Every 90 seconds, 6 Sets

Set 1: @ 60%

Set 2: @ 60%

Set 3: @ 65%

Set 4: @ 65%

Set 5: @ 70%

Set 6: @ 70%

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

We are looking to hit a 3 position snatch on the 90 second mark for 6 sets with the goal of accomplishing this with no misses and having each set feeling clean and efficient. The first position will be from mid-thigh, somewhere between a classic high hang and hang position, then we will move to below the knee for our second lift and finally to the floor. The last lift from the floor does not have to be touch and go, but can be if the athlete chooses. Be patient and focus to stay over the bar, accelerate through the hips, and keep the bar close as we pull into a full squat snatch.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

21/15 Cal Echo Bike

21 Power Snatches 75/55 lb

15/11 Cal Echo Bike

15 Power Snatches

9/7 Cal Echo Bike

9 Power Snatches

15/11 Cal Echo Bike

15 Power Snatches

21/15 Cal Echo Bike

21 Power Snatches

Goal Time Domain : 11-15:00

Time Cap : 15:00 minutes

Primary Objective : Complete within the time cap

Secondary Objective : Complete each set of snatches in less than 2 breaks.

Extra Instructions

The real challenge of this workout begins after the set of 9, so make sure to conserve your energy for the second half. The snatches are light enough for you to aim for completing each set in less than 2 breaks. With this load, a hybrid version of a muscle snatch and power snatch is often utilized, possibly try this in your warm up. Focus on pacing yourself and strategizing for a strong finish to achieve your best performance in this workout.

Aerobic Power / V02 Max / Barbell Cycling


Bike Cal: 15/11-12/9-9/7

Barbell: 15-12-9

*Hang Power Snatch

Load: 45/35


Rep Scheme: 15-12-9

Load: 75/55

Performance/ Elite:

As Written


Recovery / Mobility Protocol

1:00 minute Seated Chest Stretch

2:00 minute Saddle Pose

1:00 minute Seated Forward Fold

1:00 / 1:00 minute Couch Stretch

Optional Accessories

4 Sets, For Quality

6-8 Barbell Cuban Press 40×1 Tempo

10/10 Single Leg GHD Hip Extensions

100ft Reverse Sled Drags



3,000m Run Time Trial


400m Walk

800m Easy Jog

Primary Objective: Run Fastest Overall Time

Secondary Objective: Have your final 1k be the fastest split of the run.

*3k Run pace should be 10-15 seconds a mile faster than your 5k pace

Stimulus: Anaerobic Threshold / Speed Endurance

Strength + Gymnastics

Part A)

0:00-2:00 minutes

Max Unbroken Strict Handstand Push-Ups

Part B)

10 minute EMOM, Alternate each minute:

minute 1: 5 Deadlifts @ 65%+

minute 2: Strict Handstand Push-Up @ 30% of Reps of Max