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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


2:00 Cardio Choice


1-3 Sets, For Quality

8/8 Single Leg Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

8 Behind the Neck Strict Press

10 Barbell Goodmorning’s

10/10 Banded Clam Shells

10 Dead-Bugs


Strength SuperSet

Deadlift + Push Press

Every 3:00 minutes, 4 Sets

2.2.2 reps @ 80%

Rest 10-20 seconds between clusters


5 Push Press @ 75%+

Extra Instructions:

We are working this as a big strength superset with the idea of hitting the deadlift cluster set, then working your way over the push press from the rack and hitting a quality 5 reps. For the cluster sets we are looking at a good set-up position and hitting a quality 2 reps then resting and hitting the next set.


Push Press

Metcon (Time)

15/10 Strict Pull-Ups

20 Deadlifts

15/10 Strict Ring Dips

400m Run

15/10 Strict Pull-Ups

20 Deadlifts

15/10 Strict Ring Dips

400m Run

15/10 Strict Pull-Ups

20 Deadlifts

15/10 Strict Ring Dips

Time Domain : 11:00-15:00 minutes

Time Cap : 17:00 minutes
Focus : We are focused today on developing strict strength and posterior chain volume / resiliency. This combo will be sure to create a good full body muscular stamina conditioning effort. For each movement work on quality reps, full range of motion, and show control. The runs should add as a little active recovery in the middle to shake things out, while still forcing you to keep a moderate-hard pace.

Primary Objective : Complete each set of Strict Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Ring Dips in sub 3:00 minutes

Secondary Objective : Complete each movement in 2 sets or less

Stimulus : Full Body Pump Conditioning


Banded Pull Ups

Deadlift @ 40% of 1RM

Banded Ring Dips


10/7 Strict Pull Ups

15 Deadlift @ 185/125lb

10/7 Strict Ring Dips


Deadlifts @ 225/155lb


20/15 Strict Pull Up

Deadlift @ 275/185lb

20/15Strict Ring Dips



1:00/1:00 Couch Stretch

1:00/1:00 Single Leg Forward Fold

1:00 Updog Pose

1:00 Seated Straddle Stretch

1:00 Saddle Pose

Optional Accessories

3 Sets, For Quality

10 Supinated Barbell Bent Over Row

15 Reverse Hyper Extensions

20sec Weighted Sorenson Hold


4 Sets

200m Run

200m Recovery Jog

200m Run

Rest 1:00 minute between sets

We are wanting each of the 200m Run intervals to be at your Mile Pace Effort.

Rest as needed, then move on to Part B:

3 Sets

1 Mile Run

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets

We’re wanting each of these 1 Mile intervals to be completed at your 10k Effort

Stimulus: Speed Development + V02 Max

RPE 8/10

The goal with the first 4 sets here is to work into a challenging run pace with a short active recovery period before hitting another fast 200, then resting a full minute of standing rest before tackling the next set.

By adding in the 3 sets of 1 mile after the intervals we are building speed stamina by working at a challenging pace under fatigue. This will pay off big dividends when you face a longer piece like a 2 mile effort or 5k in an event. Or even holding an 800m to 1 mile during the middle portion of an event


For Quality:

3 Rounds:

50ft (15m) Handstand Walk

50ft (15m) Sled Push

Rest 1:00 minute

2 Rounds:

75ft (22m) Handstand Walk

75ft (22m) Sled Push

Rest 1:00 minute

1 Round:

150ft (45m) Handstand Walk

150ft (45m) Sled Push

Score : Time

Sled Weight:

50ft: 5x45lb / 4x45lb

75ft: 4x45lb / 3x45lb

150ft: 3x45lb / 2x45lb

Primary Objective : Handstand Walks

Secondary Objective : Sled Push