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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


2 Sets

10 PVC Pass-Throughs

10 PVC Around the Worlds

10 Thoracic Extension

10 PVC Pipe Standing Thoracic Rotations

Specific Barbell Prep

2 Sets

3 High Hang High Pull

3 High Hang Muscle Snatch

3 Snatch Grip Push Press

3 Snatch Grip Push Jerk

(2-4-6’’ Drop)

3 Pos Power Snatch

(Hip, Knee, Below Knee)


Power Snatch

10 minute EMOM

Min 1: 3 Power Snatches @ 75%

Min 2 : 2 Power Snatches @ 82%

Min 3: 1 Power Snatch @ 85%

*The final minutewill have you finish on the 3 reps @ 75% of your 1rm

% from 1rm Power Snatch

Extra Instructions

Focus on speed and explosiveness: The power snatch is a quick and explosive movement, and to perform it successfully, you need to focus on speed and explosiveness. As you lift the barbell, use your HIPS and LEGS (Not your arms) to generate power, then quickly pull the barbell up and use your shoulders to get it overhead. Keep the movement fluid and explosive, but avoid rushing it. Take your time to set up and focus on your technique, then explode into the movement to get the barbell overhead as quickly as possible.


Metcon (Calories)

16:00 minute EMOM

minute 1 : *Calorie Row

minute 2 : Max Calorie Echo Bike

minute 3/4 : Rest

minute 5 : *Calorie Echo Bike

minute 6: Max Cal Row

minute 7/8 : Rest

Score : Total Cals

15/12 Cal Row

15/11 Cal Echo

Performance :

18/15 Cal Row

18/13 Cal Echo

Elite :

20/16 Cal Row

20/14Cal Echo

Stimulus :Aerobic Conditioning / Lactate Threshold

Primary Objective : Goal is to hit a higher number of calories on the max calorie portion than the prescribed for each interval.

Secondary Objective : Increase effort from set 1 to set 1, even if that is only getting one more calorie that you did on set 1.

And yes, the Echo Bike is slightly skewed up from the rower effort and that will create a little added stress to push the row in order to get more than 20/14 cals on the back end of that 2:00 minute AMRAP.

Extra Work


1:00/1:00 Couch Stretch

1:00/1:00 Single Leg Forward Fold

1:00 Updog Pose

1:00 Seated Straddle Stretch

1:00 Saddle Pose

Optional Accessories

8:00 AMRAP

:20 Planche Pla nk

:15/:15 Star Plank

:15/:15 Copenhagen Plank

:20 Dual KB Front Rack Wal l Sit


Warm Up:

5 x 50m

1 – half fast half easy

2 – half easy half fast

3 – all easy

4 – all fast

5 – all easy

Rest 15s between sets


4 x 50’s kick descend 1-4

Rest :20 between sets


2 Sets:

300 Pull Buoy

100 Freestyle

100 Kickboard, w/Fins

Rest: 30-45s between intervals

Rest: 2:00 between sets


Running Session


Every 8:00 x5 Sets

1000m Run

(600m Ruck / Vest Run, 400m Run without Ruck / Vest)

For the 600m we want you to sustain a 5k Ruck / Vest pace and then drop the weight and push the 400m pace as close to your 1 Mile pace as possible.

*Ruck/ vest load 20/14lb

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