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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach



Don’t forget!! BRING A FRIEND WEEK is 11 September 2023!!! Please use the sign-up sheet located on the front desk to list all of your friends who are joining us. There is also a QR code you can use to have your friends complete the waiver prior to coming to class. Anyone who joins gets both you AND your friend a referral credit of 40% off one month membership!

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


10:00 minute

1-3 Sets, For Quality

1:30 Row (:30 ez, :30 mod, :30 hard)

10 Alternating Box Step-Ups 24/20”

10 Down Dog Toe Taps

10 Deep Lunge Mountain Climber Lunges



2 Burpee Box Jumps

:20 seconds Row @ Pace

4 Box Jump Overs

:20 second Row @ Pace

2 Burpee Box Jumps

Extra Instructions

Go Over points of performance for the Burpee Box Jump and Box Jump Over. Practice different areas of improvement for developing better efficiency on and over the box and finding a rhythm and hand placement for the Burpee Box Jump.

Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6 Sets: Each for Time

5 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20”

250/220m Row

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20”

250/220m Row

5 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20”

Rest 1:1 between sets

Score = Total interval time

Goal : ~3:00 minutes / Set

Primary Objective : Complete even splits across +/- 3-5seconds

Secondary Objective : Fastest overall time

Stimulus : Lactate Endurance / Quad Pump


6 Burpees To Plate (45# Plate)

200/170m Row

12 Lateral Plate Jump Overs

200/170m Row

6 Burpee to Plate


4 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20”

250/220m Row

8 Box Jump Overs 24/20”

250/220m Row

4 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″


As Written


5 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24”

10/7 Calorie Echo Bike

15 Lateral Box Jump Overs 24/20”

10/7 Calorie Echo Bike

5 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24”


Recovery / Mobility Protocol

2 Rounds

Right Leg + Left Leg

:15sec Down Dog

:30sec Low Lunge

:15 Elbow to Knee and Rotate

:15sec Reach to Sky and Hold

:30sec Half Kneeling Hamstring Stretch

:30sec Pigeon

Optional Accessories

Accumulate the Following

30 Reverse Nordic Curls

50 Seated Calf Raises , Moderate Load

70 Prone PVC Pipe Press

*If you have time try to put this in class today



2 Sets:

100-200m Easy

50-100m Pull w/Pull Bouy and Paddles

50-100m Kick w/Fins


2 Sets through

500m @ smooth effort, 6/10 RPE

Rest 1:00

5x100m @ strong effort, 8/10 RPE

Rest 20-30 seconds between intervals

Rest as needed between sets


100-200m choice

Total Meters = 2-500-3,000

Stimulus: Muscular Stamina / Aerobic Threshold

RPE: 7/10

Smooth Effort: Long and Sustainable, breathing every 3-5 strokes

Strong Effort: 500m Race Pace

Primary Objective: Smooth Efforts. We would like to see the emphasis to be on smooth long strokes today over the stronger speed efforts at our 500m race effort.

Secondary Objective: Strong Efforts. Maintaining these with as smooth a feel as possible is the goal


4 Sets (40:00 Straight Minutes)

10:00 minute Running Clock

1000m Run

750/650m Row

Easy Bike Erg Until the 10:00 minute Mark

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