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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


Spend the first part of today’s Warm Up going through the following Mobility Exercises:

1:00 second Dead-Hang w/Feet Supported

1:00 Plate Overhead Opener

10/10 Shoulder CARs

:30/:30 second Crossbody Lat Stretch


2 Sets, For Quality:

2 Wall Walks + 10 second Nose to Wall Handstand Hold

5/5 B-Stance Single Kettlebell Deadlifts , Moderate Load

5/5 Double Kettlebell Windmills, Light/Moderate Load

The focus for today’s Warm Up is to give the body some TLC after a couple hard days of training. Then moving into more position/activation specific pieces to prime your body for the session upcoming. Try your best on the Overhead Squats to reach full range of motion in the Squat depth, keeping your elbow locked out and bicep close to your ear.


Shoulder Press

Take 10:00 to build to a 3rm for the day

Then: in the next 6:00 minutes complete

1 x 3 @ 92% of your 3rm from above

1 x 4 @ 87% of your 3rm from above

1 x 5 @ 85% of your 3rm from above

Rest as needed between sets

Skill Work

Gymnastic Skills and Drills

Handstand Hold Drills and Skill s

Freestanding Handstand Block Dr il l

Tuck Shoulder Stand


The goal is to be able to go over some progressions and talking points about what practice points we want to see in the EMOM today. This should be short and more have options that athletes can practice with during the handstand minute


Metcon (Checkmark)

16 minute EMOM, alt each minute:

Minute 1: 100ft Farmers Carry

Minute 2: Accumulate 20-25 seconds Freestanding Handstand Hold or Nose to Wall Handstand Hold

Minute 3: Max Rep Crossovers

Minute 4: :10-:15 second Ring L-Sit

Primary Objective : Skill Acquisition and Accumulation. Freestanding Handstand Holds and Crossovers

Secondary Objective : Ring L-Sit Unbroken, Quality Position

Stimulus : Skill / Stability

Minute 1: 100ft Farmers Carry

Minute 2: Box Pike Handstand Hold

Minute 3: Max Rep Single Unders

Minute 4: 15-20 second Hollow Hold


Minute 1: 100ft Farmers Carry

Minute 2: Accumulate 20-25 seconds Wall Supported Handstand Hold

Minute 3: Max Rep Double Unders

Minute 4: :10-:15 second Parallette Tuck L-Sit

Performance :

As Written

Elite :

Minute 1: 100ft Crossbody High Low KB Carry

Minute 2: 30 seconds Freestanding Handstand Hold (4ft by 4ft Box)

Minute 3: Max Rep Double Under Crossovers

Minute 4: 20 second Ring L-Sit

Challenge the loads on the farmers carry, but stay unbroken for the 100ft. On the Freestanding Handstand Hold or Wall Supported Handstand Hold we are looking for a strong overhead position and continually pressing through the floor. You can come down in the minute, we are just looking for 20-25 seconds here of work. We have put Crossovers in here as a fun little practice time for those looking to work on a new skill and we will just count how many successful reps we can get in the time frame. For the Ring L-Sit, we can modify it to a tuck L-Sit on the Rings or move to the parallettes.

Extra Work


10/10 Side Lying Thoracic Rotatio n

10 Thoracic Ext.with Foam Roller

1:00/1:00 Scorpion Stretc h

:30/:30 Thread the Needle Stretc h

Optional Accessories

3-4 Sets, For Quality

6-8 Cuban Rotations 40×1 Tempo

10 Chest Supported Trap 3 Raises

15 Chest Supported Rev.DBFlys




2 Sets

125m Freestyle

50m Back Stroke

50mm Breast Stroke

25m Butterfly

Rest 2:00 minutes

Skill / Speed

8:00 EMOM

50m AFAP

Diving Start + Flip Turn into 25m build on second half of interval

Rest 2:00 minutes

Speed Stamina

Every 1:30, 5 Sets


Rest 2:00 minutes

Every 1:30, 4 Sets



2 Sets

200m Pull with Paddles and Buoy

200m Kick with Fins and Kick Board

Rest as needed


200-400 Choice

*ideally include some hypoxic work.

i.e. 4×25 underwater swims with as much rest as needed

Primary Objective : 100s Speed Stamina Set… Complete all intervals with 5+ seconds rest

Secondary Objective : Skill/Speed portion, focused work on flip turns and diving starts

Bike Erg


10 minute building from z1 to z2 heart rate

directly into..


20 Sets

1:00 minute @ 100-105% FTP

1:00 minute @ 60-70% FTP

Cadence across should be 80-85 spm

Damper for the 100-105% FTP should be at 6/5. This will mean that we need to adjust the damper on the lower percentage work in order to keep the cadence where we want it.


5:00 minutes bringing heart rate back down to z1.

Primary Objective: Maintain Paces, do not exceed paces

Secondary Objective: Maintain goal cadence

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