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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Teamwork makes the Dream work!

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit



(Roller, Band)

(1:00 each Side)

Roller Hamstrings

Roller Quads

Low Back

Inch Worm

Full T-Hip Opener

Blackburn shoulder Warm Up

Roll Over to V-Sit

200m Run

15:00 CAP

Metcon (Time)

In Teams of 2

For Time (with a Partner):

2 Rounds

9 Rope Climbs* (total) (15 ft)

11 Wall Walk* (each)

20 Dumbbell Burpee Box Step Overs* (each) (2×50/35 lb, 24/20″)

800m Dumbbell Run (together)

(1×50/35 lbs)

30:00 CAP
*For the first three movements, one partner works at a time, while the other partner maintains a Hollow Hold position.

Rope ClimbSub:

Rope Sit to standing

Strict chin up + knee’s to elbows 1:3

Wall Walk Sub:

Handstand Hold1: 10s

Freestyle Handstand Hold. 1:10s

Handstand Push Ups 1:3

Pike Push Ups 1:3

Bear Crawls 1:25′

DB Burpee Box Step Over Sub:

Burpee box step over 1:1

Up Down + Step over 1:1

Run Sub:

1600m C2Bike

Row/ Ski 90 Cal

Echo Bike 63 Cal

Cool Down

30min Mobility, Enjoy your weekend! You deserve it!