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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Saturday Partner Day!

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


15:00 minute EMOM

Minute 1: Machine Choice

Minute 2: *Mobility of Choice

Minute 3: 10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridges

Minute 4: 20 Alternating V-Ups

Minute 5: 6 Inchworm Push-Ups + 12 Plank Shoulder Taps

*Mobility: Couch Stretch / Pigeon Stretch / Prayer Stretch / Dead-Hang

METCON (3 Rounds for time)

For Time, With a Partner

200 Double Unders

200ft (60m) DB Walking Lunges

100 Push-Ups

100/70 Calorie Echo Bike

50 Burpees

50 Dual DB Step-Overs 24/20”

Load: 2x 50/35lb, (22/16kg)

Time Domain : 18:00-23:00

Time Cap : 28:00 minutes

Primary Objective : Complete the work evenly across the board keeping the work to rest at a 1:1 ratio

Secondary Objective : Finish Each movement in 5 minutes or less

Stimulus : Muscular Stamina / Partner Workout (1:1 / Work:Rest)


300 Single Unders

Load: 25/15lb, (12/7kg)

Band Assisted Push-Ups


100 Double Unders

DB Load: 35/25lb, (16/12kg)

60 Push-Ups

80/55 Calorie Echo Bike


As Written


200 Crossovers

Deficit Push-Ups (DB’s)

Load: 70/50lb, (32/22kg)


:30sec/:30sec KB Calf Smash

1:00/1:00 Half Kneeling Hamstring Str etch

1:00/1:00 Tall Dragon Stretch

1:00 Standing Forward Fold

1:00 Updog Pose

Optional Accessories

12-16 minute EMOM, Alternating each minute:

Minute 1: 50ft (15m) Dual Kettlebell Overhead Carry

Minute 2: 50ft (15m) Sled Push, Heavy Load

Minute 3: 5 Wall Walks

Minute 4: 45 Second Easy BikeErg


Clean and Jerk

Every 3:30 minutes, 6 Sets, Complete the following:

Set 1: 5 Reps @ 70%

Set 2: 4 Reps @ 75%

Set 3: 4 Reps @ 80%

Set 4: 5 Reps @ 70%+

Set 5: 4 Reps @ 75%+

Set 6: 4 Reps @ 80%+

These reps are not meant to be TnG (unbroken), reset between each rep.

Percentage is based on your 1rm Clean and Jerk. The second wave of reps need to be heavier than the first wave


Tempo Deadlift

4 x 8

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets

Starting @ 60% of your 1rm and increasing the load each set.

The prescribed tempo for these reps today is 2 Seconds Up, No Pause at the top, 2 Seconds Down, No Rest at the bottom before transitioning into the consecutive rep

Push Press

4 x 7

Rest as needed between sets

Holding 70% of your 1rm Push Press

For all of these reps today, pause in the overhead position for 2 seconds

Weighted Strict Supinated Grip Pull-Ups

5 x 5

Rest as needed between sets

Holding a challenging load for all sets

Remember, to maintain good form through these reps and don’t use any momentum for assistance. We want these reps as controlled and as clean as possible. Secondly, aim to have a 2 second chin over the bar hold on each rep.


Bike Erg

7 Sets, For Distance:

2:00 @ 80% of FTP

1:30 @ 90% of FTP

1:00 @ 100% of FTP

:30 @ 150% of FTP

1:00 @ Recovery pace

Score: Total Distance

This is 42 minutes of constant Biking at the above prescribed paces. The goal is to simply build your pace as the time frame decreases, finishing on a very hard 30 second effort. The final 1:00 of each set is to be completed at the easiest pace possible to recover for the upcoming set. If you do not have an FTP score, you should base your effort on the following RPE of 7-8-9-10/10

RPE: Building from 7/10 to 10/10

Stimulus: Lactate Threshold