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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach


Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


1-2 Sets, For Quality

250/200m Row

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Bar Kip Swings

8 Bulgarian Ring Row s

10 Box Shoot Throughs

Strength / Accessories

9:00 EMOM

min 1: 2/2 Turkish Get-Ups

min 2: :30 Wall Sit (Optional Weighted)

min 3: 8/8 Half Kneeling Rotational Ball Slams

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Teams of 2:

Partner 1 VS Partner 2 Challenge!

12 Alt Rounds (3 rounds each)

For Max Reps

Partner 1 : 500/425m Row

Partner 2 : Max Rep Toe to Bar

Rest 3:00 between intervals

Score = Partner 1s Toe to Bar vs. Partner 2s Toe to Bar

(6 Total Rounds through, alternating partners)

Extra Instructions

The goal is to Row as fast as possible in order to give your partner as little time on toe to bar as possible. The score is total reps of Toe to Bar and the partner with the most Toe to Bar wins the workout. This should be a fun challenge for you all and provide a little more incentive to go fast on the rower. The rest creates a 1:2 work to rest ratio which should allow a good amount of time to hit each set as hard as possible.

Primary Objective : Big Sets on Toe to Bar

Secondary Objective : Fastest Possible Row Time

Midline Conditioning and Power Output

Abmat Sit-Ups


Kipping Knees to Chest

Performance/ Elite:

As Written


:30sec/:30sec KB Calf Smash

1:00/1:00 Half Kneeling Hamstring Str etch

1:00/1:00 Tall Dragon Stretch

1:00 Standing Forward Fold

1:00 Updog Pose


Power Snatch

Part A)

4 x 3 reps of Floating Power Snatches

Holding 62-75% of your 1rm Power Snatch

Pausing momentarily with the barbell just above the floor.

Part B)

Power Snatch

1 x 2 @ 60%

2 x 2 @ 70%

1 x 2 @ 75%

1 x 2 @ 80%

1 x 2 @ 75%

Rest as needed between sets

Percentage are based on your 1rm Power Snatch

When performing snatches at 75% of your max, it’s crucial to maintain explosive power and speed throughout the movement. Focus on generating maximum power from your hips, extending forcefully, and quickly transitioning from the pulling phase to getting under the bar. Emphasize the speed of the second pull to maximize the upward momentum of the barbell and catch it at the proper height.

KEEP THE BARBELL CLOSE TO THE BOD. Engaging your lats and shoulders to guide the bar in a vertical path.

Gymnastics Conditioning

30:00 minute EMOM

Min 1: 20/16 Calorie Row

Min 2: 20 Toe to Bar

Min 3: Rest

Min 4: 20/16 Calorie Row

Min 5: Max Ring Muscle-Ups

Min 6: Rest


3 Rounds, For Time:

25 Deadlifts, 165/115lb (75/52.5kg)

5/4 Rope Climbs, 15ft

100ft (50ft/50ft) Sandbag Carry,150/100lb (30m 15m/15m)

Time Cap: 16 minutes

Goal: 11-12 minutes

Primary Objective: Complete before the time Cap

Secondary Objective: 100ft lengths on the sandbag, unbroken

Accessory Work

For Quality:

Accumulate the following reps & times:

2:30/2:30 minute Side Plank Hold

60-80 V-Ups

100 Russian Twists w/25lb (10kg) plate

You can accumulate these reps and times in any way you wish. However, as long as you accumulate the volume of each movement that is required. Scale the V-Ups to Knee Tucks and Russian Twists to a lighter load or even unloaded if needed.

BikeErg Conditioning (Checkmark)


3:00 minutes Conversational Pace

5 Sets

1:00 High Damper / Low Cadence

1:00 Low Damper / High Cadence


2:00 minutes Conversational Pace

Rest as needed before Main Set

Main Set:

3 Sets, For Watts

15:00 minutes @ 76-84% FTP, Cadence 75-80 rpm

5:00 minutes Recovery Between Sets

*recovery can be active spinning on the bike or walking rest

Primary Objective: Maintaining prescribed FTP and Cadence

Secondary Objective: Average Watts Across the 3 Sets

Stimulus: Aerobic Base Support / Muscular Stamina

FTP: It is a measure of the maximum power output a cyclist can sustain for an extended period of time, typically around one hour but in this case 20km. FTP is an essential metric used to gauge an individual’s fitness and performance level in cycling. It is often used as a reference point for determining training zones and designing training programs.

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