Marcus Cabanas

Marcus is a military brat and himself a veteran of the Army. He found his way to the area in 2011 and has called it home ever since. While he grew up playing traditional sports, he didn’t take to consistent training until joining the military and discovered the Modern Army Combatives Program, itself a compliment to his wrestling background. After competing for several years, Marcus exited the military and spent the better part of a decade in a traditional gym weightlifting and bodybuilding. It took meeting his better half and motivator in Kaylynn to reignite an interest in training, and they began competing in Spartan Races and various other OCR events. After several years, he discovered CrossFit and has taken to the new challenge after being absolutely humbled by Fran in 2020. Marcus received his L1 in 2022 with MBSC, and constantly looks to improve his knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of movement.

Marcus spends his time between the gym and serving as a Firefighter/EMT with the local area’s South Walton Fire District. His goal in CrossFit is to build the foundation on which he can enjoy a long, healthy, active lifestyle and share that goal with others.