Monday “Transition Phase” (Week 1/2)

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


2 Sets, For Quality

6 Barbell Upright Rows

6 No Dip Muscle Clea ns

10 Behind the Neck Elbow Punch Throu gh

6 Behind the Neck Press in Split

3 Barbell Squat Jumps


5 Sets x 3 Seated Box Jump to High Box

*increase height on each set

Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk Complex

Every 2:00 minutes x 6 Sets

Power Clean +

Thruster +

Front Squat +

Split Jerk

Rest :10 seconds

2 Pause Clean High Pulls or Segmented Clean Deadlift

*Pause is above the knee

60-75% of Limiter

Points of Performance

The focus today is to work on good mechanics throughout and really dial in positions. We are using the pause clean high pulls or segmented clean deadlift after the complex as an added technique stimulus to get athletes really focusing on pulling from the floor well. These should not be too heavy and allow you to keep the bar path close to the body.

Metcon (Time)

7 Rounds for Time

7 Power Cleans

7 Thrusters

7 Bar Facing Burpees

Time Domain : 7:00-11:00

Time Cap : 15:00

Stimulus : Barbell Cycling / Anaerobic

Focus is on barbell cycling efficiency and maintaining smooth reps while moving fast.

Primary Objective : Stay unbroken on each set

Secondary Objective : Fastest overall time achieved

7 Hang Power Cleans

7 Thrusters

7 Bar Facing Burpees

Load: 65/45lb


Load: 75/55lb


Load: 95/65lb


Load: 115/80lb

Extra work


1:00/1:00 Scorpion Stretch

1:00/1:00 Couch Stretc h

1:00/1:00 Extended Arm Lizard Pos e

1:00/1:00 Single Leg Forward Fol d

1:00 Childs Pose

Optional Accessories

4 Sets, For Quality

10 Behind the Neck Strict Press

6/6 Dual KB Front Rack Step-Up

20 KB Gorilla Rows (10/10)


Front Squat

12 minute EMOM, Alternating each minute:

Minute 1: 5 Reps @ 75% of your 1rm

Minute 2: Rest

Minute 3: 3 Reps @ 80% of your 1rm

Minute 4: Rest

Percentages are based on your 1rm Back Squat

On the round we want you to hold the desired percentages and then if possible increase load each round after. Even if it is 1lb or 1kg total.

This session is priming you for the new cycle. Which consists of cluster sets, the rest periods in this session are longer than we will have for our cycle. Below is more information about cluster style training.


Gymnastics: After the Main Class

For Max Reps / Distance

2:00 minutes Max Legless Rope Climbs

Rest 2:00 minutes

2:00 minutes Max Distance Handstand Walk

Complete as 50ft (15m) Segments

Rest 2:00 minutes

1:30 minutes Max Legless Rope Climbs

Rest 1:30 minutes

1:30 minutes Max Distance Handstand Walk

Complete as 50ft (15m) Segments

Rest 1:30 minutes

1:00 minute Max Legless Rope Climbs

Rest 1:30 minutes

1:00 minute Max Distance Handstand Walk

Complete as 50ft (15m) Segments

Primary Objective:

Complete 4/3 Rope Climbs each Minute and 100ft HSW each Minute

Secondary Objective : Complete all 50ft Handstand Walk Segments Unbroken

Stimulus : Gymnastics Stamina / Skill Conditioning

Rowing Conditioning

AM or PM Row Conditioning


For Time:


Complete the 8000m’s in the following format:

2:30 minutes ON : 1:30 minutes Easy pace.

Repeat this for as many rounds as it takes to reach 8000m


ON minutes are to be at a pushed pace but not all out. The goal is to settle in for that amount of time and feel a challenging rhythm but not overwhelm your system.

The Easy Pace minutes are intended to be at a light pressure. These should be technique focused minutes so you can maintain intensity on the 2:30 minutes ON.

There is no rest through this. You must keep moving the whole time

Record: Total Time

Stimulus: Aerobic training

Goal: Aerobic training can help you recover more quickly between workouts, by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This can help reduce fatigue and prevent injury

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