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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Monday “Back to work!”

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


(Band, BB)

:30 each side

General Warm Up:

Banded Tricep Stretch

Banded Pull apart + Pass Through

Banded Sots Press

Pigeon Stretch

Squat to standing toe touch

Cossack Squat


Specific Warm Up:

8 minute EMOM, alt each minute:

Minute 1: Cardio Choice

Minute 2: 8 Snatch lift off + High Pull

Minute 3: “Barbell Complex”

Minute 4: 5 Burpee Broad Jumps

*Barbell Complex*

5 Hang Muscle Snatch

5 Overhead Squats

3 Snatch Balances

Load: 45/35lb, Icrease load with each set



Every 2:30 minutes, 6-8 Sets

1 Squat Snatch

Starting @ 75% of 1rm and increase load each set

Build up to a 1rm snatch for the day with the above format.

18:00 CAP

Focus on being smooth off the floor and then fast through the hips. Goal is to create tension and maintain that tension with speed accelerating through the middle. For those just learning the snatch, lets move to a 3-5 rep from the hang and work on positions.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12 minute AMRAP:

14 Burpees to Target

8 Dual DB Box Step Overs, 24/20”

14 Toe to Bar

*Target: just above reach
Fitness: 25/15, Strict Knee Raises

Performance: 35/25, Knee to elbow

Elite: 50/35

Focus is high effort, midline stamina, and grip. The burpees today are to a target and the only goal here is to move fast and get to the DB’s. Once we pick up the DB’s challenge yourself to hold on and stay unbroken. This will affect the Toe to Bar, but we want to work on challenging you a bit here to still stay strong with big sets on Toe to Bar with grip fatigue.

Primary Obj: Achieve> 4rounds

Secondary Obj: UnbrokenDB Step-Overs

Stimulus: Midline / Muscular Stamina

Extra work


Back Squat

4 Sets

4 Back Squats @65% of 1rm


4 Seated Box Jumps

Increase height of Box Jumps each round.


20 EMOM, alt each minute:

Min 1: 100ft Sandbag Carry

Min 2: 12-15 Sumo DL High Pulls, 95/65lb

Min 3: 3-5 Inverted Burpee into Freestanding Handstand Push Up

Min 4: 45 seconds SkiErg, easy


Run Conditioning

Warm Up:

2000m @ athletes choice

1:30 walk


2 Sets:

1000m @ 10k pace or effort

1:30 Walk

800m @ 5k pace or effort

1:30 Walk

400m @ 5k pace or effort

1:30 Walk

200m @ 1 mile pace / effort

2:00 Walk

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