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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Monday “Power Cycle” (Week 7)

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


(Band, BB, Glute Band)

:30 each side

General Warm Up:

Banded Tricep Stretch

Banded Pull apart + Pass Through

Banded Sots Press

Pigeon Stretch

Squat to standing toe touch


Specific Warm Up:


8 No Dip Muscle Cleans

5 Behind the Neck BBPunch Throughs

5 Pause Overhead Squats (3s)

5 Burpee Broad Jump


Overhead Squat

Every :90 x8 Sets (Alt.Stations)

Station 1 : 3 Overhead Squats

Station 2 : 5 Front Squats

Start @ 75% of your 1RM Overhead Squat and Front Squat

*Increase loads by feel

**From the Rack or Floor

Overhead Squat : In order to get the barbell overhead we should either use a behind the neck push jerk or split jerk, then set ourselves up for a quality overhead position by continually pressing up on the bar as we go in and out of the hole of the squat. Press through the elbows and elevate the shoulder blades.. We can sub overhead squats to an overhead walking lunge or a front squat as the go to alternatives for today.

Front Squat

Front Squats : Focus on tension and bracing position continuing to drive the elbows up on the bar into the bottom of the squat. The hips go back and down while holding tension through our midline throughout the entire lift. If we need to scale today due to front rack positioning, a safety squat bar would be ideal, but we can move to a back squat as well.


8:00 Transition

Warming up lifts to designated weight for Metcon

Metcon (Time)

For Time


Power Clean


Rest 2:00 minute


Power Clean


Time Domain : 13:00-17:00

Time Cap : 20:00

Primary Objective : Complete each set of Thrusters unbroken

Secondary Objective : Achieve best possible time

We want to see you go for the best possible overall time here with the goal of going close to unbroken on the Thrusters. The expectation is to break the Power Cleans as needed in order to manage fatigue and allow yourself to hang onto the Thrusters

65/45lb, 75/55lb


75/55lb, 95/65lb



Elite :

115/75lb, 135/95lb


Extra work


1:00/1:00 Scorpion Stretch

1:00/1:00 Couch Stretc h

1:00/1:00 Extended Arm Lizard Pos e

1:00/1:00 Single Leg Forward Fol d

1:00 Childs Pose

Optional Accessories

4 Sets, For Quality

5 Deficit Box Pike Handstand Push-Up + 10 second hold in Pike Handstand on Final Rep

10/10 Single Leg Barbell Hip Thr ust

-Max Effort Chinese Plank (Back )

Metcon Conditioning

For Time:

30 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

20 Burpees to Target (6”)

20 Bar Muscle-Ups

20 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24/20”

10 Ring Muscle-Ups

20 Burpee Box Jumps Completely Over, 24/20”

*Any time you break on any of the Gymnastic movements (C2B, Bar MU or Ring MU) please perform 5 Crossover Double Unders

Time Cap : 14 minutes

Primary Objective : Today, we want to challenge your Gymnastic capacity and to push for large sets to avoid the penalty.

Secondary Objective : The final Burpee Box Jump Overs. Make sure no part of your body touches the box and you clear it completely.

Rowing Conditioning


Warm Up:

1 Set of 3 Minute AMRAP

Rest: 1:00 minute

1 Set of 2 Minute AMRAP

Stroke rate of 18 and holding, start easy at minute one, and then each minute increase the pressure of your drive without changing the stroke rate. Learn to make the machine go faster without speeding up your stroke rate.

(Rest as needed)


4 Sets of:

1250m Row

Pace/Splits: 1st 900m @ 2k+2, Final 250m >2k (faster than 2k pace)

Rest: 3-4 minutes between pieces.

Weightlifting: Before the Main Class

Every 3:00 minutes, 5 Sets, Complete the following:

1 Clean and Jerk

Starting at 86-90% and increasing load, finish with a heavy max for the day.

The reason for the large starting window is because we want you to select your starting point, we are more interested with your final number.

Be sure to video yourself and review your performance and technique.

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