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Call us: 850-614-0694 | CrossFit Miramar Beach

Monday “Hybrid Cycle” (Week 2)

Miramar Beach Strength and Conditioning – Crossfit


3 Sets, For Quality:

:30 second Echo Bike

50/50ft Single Arm Kettlebell Bottoms Up Waiters Carry

6/6 Single Arm Kettlebell High Pulls

6/6 Single Arm Kettlebell Arnolds Press

5/5 World’s Greatest Stretch

5/5 Archer Ring Rows


Every 2:30, 4 Sets

5 Strict Press @ 75%

Rest 20 seconds

3 Push Press @ 80%+

Extra Instructions

We are looking to complete 5 reps of strict press at 75% of your 1RM. The focus here is maintaining a straight bar path, keeping the bar close with the midline tight and then pressing directly overhead with the biceps covering the ears. We will re-rack the barbell and then move to add loads to then work into the Push Press where we are primarily focused at developing a strong drive through the hips to propel the bar overhead.

Shoulder Press

Push Press

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3 Rounds

4:00 AMRAP

3 *Body Blasters

5 Box Jump Overs 24/20”

10/7 Calorie Echo Bike

2:00 rest

*Body Blaster = Burpee + Kipping Pull-Up + Knees to Elbow

Extra Instructions

The AMRAP will always start with the 3 body blasters. The goal today is to finish the body blasters in 30 seconds or less and then move to quickly finish the box jump over and bike within the next minute. This means we are looking for about 1:30 / round or 2+ rounds per each 4:00 AMRAP.

Primary Objective : 2 + rounds on each AMRAP

Secondary Objective : Power output on the bike high

– Stimulus : Muscular Endurance, Bodyweight Conditioning

7/5 Calorie Echo Bike

Burpee Bar Complex = Burpee + Jumping Pull-Up + Knee Raise

Performance :

As Written

Elite :

5 Box Jump Overs 30/24”

Burpee Bar Complex = Burpee + Kipping Chest to Bar + Bar Muscle-Up + Forward Roll



1:00 Elevated Prayer Stretch

1:00/1:00 Elevated Pigeon Stretch

1:00 Seated Chest Stretch

1:00/1:00 Crossbody Lat Stretch

Optional Accessories

4 Sets, for Quality

10-12 Feet Elevated Ring Rows

:30/:30 Half Kneeling Paloff Press Hold

10-12 Feet Elevated Parallette Push-Ups


Clean and Jerk Complex

Part A)

Every 75 seconds, 4 Sets, Complete the following:

1 Muscle Clean

1 Floating Squat Clean

1 Push Press

1 Behind the Neck Split Jerk

Starting @ 40% of your 1rm Clean and Jerk and increasing the load to 55-60% of your 1rm Clean and Jerk.

Once you have completed Part A, please move on to Part B:

Part B)

Every 2:15 minutes, 6 Sets, Complete the following:

1 Floating Clean + 1 Split Jerk + 1 Behind the Neck Split Jerk

Rest 15 seconds

1 Clean and Jerk

Sets 1-2: 70%

Sets 3-4: 75%

Sets 5: 80%

Set 6: 85%

Primary Objective: Focus on the extension on the Cleans

Secondary Objective: Shoulder to overhead, particularly the behind the neck split jerk, that rep should be a straight bar path to overhead.


Accumulate the Following:

A) 5 Reps of L-Sit to Handstand Hold

*Pause 5 sec in L-Sit + Handstand Hold

B) 7/5 Seated Legless Rope Climbs 12-15ft

*Practice descending until butt is on the floor

*Scale L-Sit to Handstand with L-Sit to Shoulder Stand


Accumulate 60 seconds Handstand Hold (either Freestanding or Wall Supported)

*Scale Seated Legless Rope Climbs to Traditional Legless Rope Climbs or to 5ft off the floor and back down

We can also move to Scale to 30 Seated Rope Pull-Ups

Stimulus: Gymnastics Skill Development

Primary Objective: Practicing the movements to the highest standard

Secondary Objective: Accomplishing all reps

Rowing Conditioning


50 sec – 40 sec – 30 sec

40 sec – 30 sec – 20 sec

30 sec – 20 sec – 10 sec

Each Segment, is done as Easy – Moderate – Fast, but increased pace as the intervals get shorter

Main Set

3 Sets

2000m Row @ 5k Race Pace

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets

Stimulus: 5k Row Development / Aerobic Capacity

Primary Objective: Maintain 5k Average Pace Across

Secondary Objective: 26-28 spm across

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